You guys. The day I never thought would happen, actually came. 

The most LA thing I’ve participated in since I stopped working on film and tv sets.  You know what that is?  Crystals.  I visited a crystal shop. Yep, healing crystals.  Annnnnnnd, I bought some sparkly, shiny, healing crystals.


“Has she officially lost her mind? What kind of freak actually believes in that?” You may be asking yourself.  Verdict is still out on that, but hear me out.  You know you’d try anything that *could* assist in healing you without actually harming you, right?  Well, I mean, this is one of those.  It can’t hurt to try. (And who doesn’t like sparkly, shiny things?)


You probably own some and don’t even know it! Do you have a diamond ring (or any gemstone jewelry, for that matter)?  Any pretty rocks, really.  There you have it! You’re part of the crystal ownership team too! 


Ok, but in all seriousness, these things have been around for AGES and have been known to have healing properties in one way or another.  And honestly, when it comes to health, happiness, and all that jazz, I’m all for anything that supports that journey.  If tossing a fist full of glitter over your right shoulder, or dancing in a sand filled kiddie pool at the stroke of midnight on a full moon promised to bring health, I’m all game.  You’d think after all these years, we as humans would have narrowed down to an exact science how all this works.  We’d have come up with a definitive plan if illness jumps into our lives.


The sticky part of life though is that none of us really know exactly what we’re all doing here. 


I mean you have goals; you have accomplishments.  But in the grand scheme of things, we’re all just practicing to see what works for our personal journey.  Your daily routine is completely different from anyone else’s, but does that make it any less perfect for you?  Nope.  Because your journey is immensely important, and what you include in that journey should be nothing less than filled with health and happiness (and chocolate…. no one should live their life without chocolate at some point).


In this practice we call life, you are entitled to perform how you see fit for your own life.  You shouldn’t ever have to “cave” and follow what feels so wrong in your gut, just to go along with what’s standard. What’s par for the course.  You are unique in your own way, just as I. And in that uniqueness, your journey to health and healing will be different from mine, from Jenny’s, from Karen’s, and even from Ashley’s.  Our genetic make up is entirely different, and that calls for an entirely different, wholistic protocol to bring your life, your health to an entirely peak vibrational level.  Oh shit, I’m talking about vibes and crap.


Well, vibe on this my unique friend.  When you’re sitting there wondering what else can I do to help this journey along, the best thing you can do is listen to your inner voice. Your gut feeling. Your instincts.


If those voices (no, not THOSE voices) lead you to the crystal shop, then girlfriend, you march your pretty little ass down to the crystal shop, take a deep breath, and feel the vibes of magical rocks.  Ok, it’s not exactly magic, but the energy felt in there is pretty f*cking awesome.  


Because you, my little friend, are not a freak. You’re unique.