I've been saying it for years, and as a girl who grew up in Texas, I'm used to the eye rolls when I say it.  Eating meat is bad for your health. Red meat specifically.

I've always had a crush on cows, to be honest.  My grandfather ran a dairy farm, so when we'd visit, I'd always go see the calves and bottle feed them their milk.  They were so cute and I always wanted to bring one home. Not sure the logistics of keeping a calf in my bedroom at home, but regardless, a girl can dream, right?  

Anyways, it wasn't until a few years later that I encountered some serious health mysteries, which culminated to me finding out I was allergic to milk and cow all together.  From age 10 on, I've never touched red meat or milk again.  

It wasn't until my adult years that I gained some knowledge on the meat industry and it's serious implications for our health and planet alike.  While I wasn't contributing to the brutal meat industry, my friends and family were, and it's pained me since.  

I was so happy to see this article come out, proving that red meat consumption is detrimental to our health.  Eating red meat leads to higher mortality rates, while eating plant based offers lower death rates. This isn't just me preaching here! Hallelujah!  Check it out:

Click here!

Now, it is noted in the article, that they're not referring to all meat - fish and poultry don't have as much of a devastating effect on health as red meat.  Personally, my health has skyrocketed since cutting out all meat and solely eating a plant based diet, so for me, that's what I see as the best right now.

Read it and save some lives! The cows and your own! Score!

In pure health, and sweet cow lives,