You guys. The day I never thought would happen, actually came. 

The most LA thing I’ve participated in since I stopped working on film and tv sets.  You know what that is?  Crystals.  I visited a crystal shop. Yep, healing crystals.  Annnnnnnd, I bought some sparkly, shiny, healing crystals.


“Has she officially lost her mind? What kind of freak actually believes in that?” You may be asking yourself.  Verdict is still out on that, but hear me out.  You know you’d try anything that *could* assist in healing you without actually harming you, right?  Well, I mean, this is one of those.  It can’t hurt to try. (And who doesn’t like sparkly, shiny things?)


You probably own some and don’t even know it! Do you have a diamond ring (or any gemstone jewelry, for that matter)?  Any pretty rocks, really.  There you have it! You’re part of the crystal ownership team too! 


Ok, but in all seriousness, these things have been around for AGES and have been known to have healing properties in one way or another.  And honestly, when it comes to health, happiness, and all that jazz, I’m all for anything that supports that journey.  If tossing a fist full of glitter over your right shoulder, or dancing in a sand filled kiddie pool at the stroke of midnight on a full moon promised to bring health, I’m all game.  You’d think after all these years, we as humans would have narrowed down to an exact science how all this works.  We’d have come up with a definitive plan if illness jumps into our lives.


The sticky part of life though is that none of us really know exactly what we’re all doing here. 


I mean you have goals; you have accomplishments.  But in the grand scheme of things, we’re all just practicing to see what works for our personal journey.  Your daily routine is completely different from anyone else’s, but does that make it any less perfect for you?  Nope.  Because your journey is immensely important, and what you include in that journey should be nothing less than filled with health and happiness (and chocolate…. no one should live their life without chocolate at some point).


In this practice we call life, you are entitled to perform how you see fit for your own life.  You shouldn’t ever have to “cave” and follow what feels so wrong in your gut, just to go along with what’s standard. What’s par for the course.  You are unique in your own way, just as I. And in that uniqueness, your journey to health and healing will be different from mine, from Jenny’s, from Karen’s, and even from Ashley’s.  Our genetic make up is entirely different, and that calls for an entirely different, wholistic protocol to bring your life, your health to an entirely peak vibrational level.  Oh shit, I’m talking about vibes and crap.


Well, vibe on this my unique friend.  When you’re sitting there wondering what else can I do to help this journey along, the best thing you can do is listen to your inner voice. Your gut feeling. Your instincts.


If those voices (no, not THOSE voices) lead you to the crystal shop, then girlfriend, you march your pretty little ass down to the crystal shop, take a deep breath, and feel the vibes of magical rocks.  Ok, it’s not exactly magic, but the energy felt in there is pretty f*cking awesome.  


Because you, my little friend, are not a freak. You’re unique.




Life can be freakin’ stressful. But only if you choose to make it that way.


Have you ever sat and watched a 5 year old play?  I often feel we can learn a lot from watching kids and how they deal with life on a day to day basis.  She tip toes around the yard, giggling at the cool wind in her hair.  She hops on the swing, only she doesn’t sit on it. She lays across the seat, her stomach supported as she swings back and forth, arms stretched ahead like a super hero, laughing at how silly it is and how she’s flying through the world without a care in her mind.


She digs in the dirt, not caring that her leggings are getting filthy.  All the while having a conversation as though the seeds she’s planting have thoughts and voices. When she loses interest there, she climbs up the playset ladder and repeatedly slides down the slide, squealing with excitement as though each time was the first.


Can you imagine for a moment, what your life could be like right now, if everything you approached had that amazing, excited, new feeling each time?


Pretty freakin’ awesome, am I right?


If skipping down the grocery aisles, made you giggle with glee.  Paying your electric bill was filled with squeals of joy and excitement (not loud sighs and curse words).  Hell, even if waking up and getting ready for work (I’m looking at you too, stay-at-home mama —- because, let’s face it, your work is incredibly important and increasingly more valuable each day, and often times showering is a luxury), was filled with glitter, sunshine, and rainbows with butterflies flitting in your belly and happiness abounds.


But then you sabotage your own world.  You start to go through that long ass to do list and get depressed.  You peek at your bank account balance and wonder “how in the hell am I going to pay rent next month (pay medical bills, gas, electric, phone,….. blah blah blah, you know the shitty bills that come in)?”  You reach in to turn on the shower (actually, you get a reward for making time in the day to GET a shower, you bad ass!), and instead of enjoying the relaxing warm water on your skin, you have ten billion thoughts going through that pretty little mind of yours about “how am I going to do this? How can I get through each day; life in general?!”


Well let me drop a little truth bomb (no bath bomb needed) in your relaxing shower for a moment.


All of those little thoughts and how you react to situations, have an impact on how you feel each day.


Flashback to the 5 year old playing in the yard.  Do you think she’s worried about paying bills? (hell no! I sure didn’t worry about that as a child)  And do you think she looks at that swing, thinking to herself, “Man, if only I had a diamond encrusted swing.”?  Actually, that would be pretty sweet.  


But in reality, she lives her life, moment by moment, not exactly worried about what she’s doing, how the future will be, or even bad talking her own decisions or thoughts.  The NOW is what matters. Not what could happen, or what may happen in a week.   This very precious moment is what matters.  And with that thought process of living in the now, brings a peace that can be seen on her giddy, smiling face.


The stress we put on ourselves every single day, brings so much bad-ness into our lives that it very well could be making us sick.  


I’m not saying to disregard those responsibilities we all have as adults (btw, adulting is sooooooo not what I imagined it to be when I was 5 years old).  You still have to pay those monthly bills (damn it!), and you still need to shop for food (we still aren’t at the point in our lives where we no longer need food to survive).  What I’m saying is, approach each responsibility, activity, or thought with a positive mindset, and don’t focus on the what ifs, could be’s, or should’s. 


When you live your life like a 5 year old, you open up your mind and your health to a whole happier state of being.  Living in the moment can bring a sense of wellbeing you may have been missing since your childhood.


When it comes to healing, especially from something like cancer, your happiness and positive mindset has a HUGE part in whether you’ll overcome or succumb to sickness.  Your immune system, and every cell in your body listens to your thoughts, so if you’re mother-fing yourself every moment of the day, those cells are going to be the ones tossing their hands in the air saying “screw this, I’m out.”


That’s one thing we do NOT want to happen, because those very cells are the ones that will heal us from the inside out.  So instead of bad talking (thinking), woe is me thoughts, how about tossing your hair back, jumping on the swing and flying?


Because flying is pretty bad ass, and you my friend, are a super hero. Just ask those cells of yours.



Like many of you, I struggle daily with stress and anxiety. Some of it valid, some of it created in my head.  When I first started out on my healing journey, I changed my life completely.  My environment, food, supplements, exercise... everything!  As I researched night and day to see how I can heal myself, one of the practitioners I visited mentioned something called mindfulness meditation.

I had heard of so many benefits of meditation already, though I hadn't incorporated it into my daily life. I knew that meditation can really benefit by calming the mind, and in return, calm the body. But mindfulness meditation was something I hadn't heard of.  In short, it's a specific meditation practice that focuses on your thoughts, being in the present moment.  You essentially focus on the now, your thoughts and feelings right now.  You're training the mind to focus in on certain aspects, instead of zoning out, as can be typical with standard meditation.

When you look at your anxiety, you'll realize you're stressing about situations that could happen, or might happen.  This added stress will not change the outcome, nor will it do any good to focus on the "bad" that could happen. You rob yourself of the moment right now when you're constantly worried about the future.  When you're mindful, you focus on the present moment. Your breath, any feelings you're having, your thoughts... things that are right now.

Mindfulness meditation, along with other forms of meditation truly have a distinct effect on healing.  Have you ever imagined something would happen and then it did?  I'm not talking psychic abilities (though that would be awesome!), but more or less your mind manifesting things into the truth.

The more negative thoughts you have, the more negative outcomes you will attract into your life. Thinking "I'm so broke,"  "I'll never heal,"  "My life is so hard," will only bring those things into reality in your life.  Your body listens intently to your thoughts, and you are incredibly powerful in this aspect.  Filling your thoughts with positive affirmations can and will bring positivity into your life ten fold.  Every cell in your body listens to what your mind is saying and thinking, so use those powers for good!

Mindfulness meditation is not only good for calming your mind, but initiating healing. Stress can actually make you sick, by suppressing the immune system, leading to illness and even cancer. This may all sound a little woo woo, but hear me out. Do you fill your mind with negative thoughts? Are your thoughts focusing on possible negative outcomes that aren't even your reality right now? Are you really focusing on positive thoughts and actions in your life?  What if you tried it out, just to see, for a week, a month, a year?  Are there any downsides to focusing on positive thoughts, calming your mind, and living in the now?



  • Improves immune function

  • Decreases inflammation

  • Alters cellular function for the better

  • Decreases anxiety

  • Decreases stress

  • and the list goes on!


Science has proven the benefits of meditation, as well as specifically mindfulness meditation.  You have the power to alter your life, your thoughts, and in turn the outcome of everything in your life. When you're focusing on healing, one of the most powerful things you can do is quiet your mind, be mindful in all that you do, and continue to know for a fact that you're healed.

My husband has always told me "you can't want what you already have," and this mindset has a lot in common with being mindful.  If you already know, deep in your heart, that you have it, there is no need to "want" it.  In the aspect of healing, this is immensely powerful.  You have to know in your mind, body and spirit that you are healed, and so it is.  If you are telling yourself "I want to heal," or "I will heal," you're not placing a definitive time mark on your healing, so you will forever be in the active state of healing, instead of being healed already.

If you think you don't have time to meditate, think again.  How much time do you spend looking at Facebook, Instagram, surfing online, or watching TV?  If you take out  5, 10, 20 minutes or more and just set that aside as your "me" time, you'll be amazed at how great you start to feel.  You can practice mindfulness meditation sitting quietly in a chair, on the floor, on the couch, or even on a walk.  The main thing to focus on is the now.  What are you feeling, thinking, experiencing right now? When your mind starts to wander or think about other things (i.e. what groceries you need, how much work you have piling up, etc.), bring it back to center by focusing solely on your breath.  The breath is a great point to start at.

Personally, I like to follow a guided mindfulness meditation, to really take me on a "journey" through my meditation.  It may seem hard to focus at first, and that's ok.  You're opening up your mind and letting all those thoughts you have come flooding in (and they will).  Just remember to bring it back to center, and focus on the now.

Live in the present. Be mindful in the present. You already have it.




If you're like me, the words "coffee enema" have always seemed like something only health nuts did.  Since my diagnosis with MDS, I dove head first, deep into the healing naturally world and discovered some awesome things... enemas being one of them!

First of all, our bodies are bombarded with toxins from all angles of our lives. The food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, and not to mention any pharmaceuticals you may be on for any health ailments.  Don't get me wrong, I was one of those people too.  I drank from the tap, ate packaged food (though in the past few years I've already switched to eating organic and mostly vegan, but I admit that packaged food is fast and easy!), and as far as medicine, Xanax was what I used to deal with my anxiety.  Our world is full of toxic chemicals and it's hard to avoid them all.  But in this barrage of chemicals, our poor liver, gallbladder, and colon try to keep our body safe by filtering out these bad things in attempt to keep our body working to it's full potential.


The liver is one of the largest organs in our body, and it has a really important job.  It's how the nutrients from the food we eat get converted into energy our cells can use, while also gathering up the toxic substances and moving them out to the intestines to be expelled.(1) The liver plays a staring role in all metabolic processes in our bodies.  The liver breaks down fats, ensures your blood sugar levels stay even, converts amino acids into energy, breaks down old or damaged blood cells, and produces proteins that are important to blood clotting.  Summed up, the liver is kinda a big deal.  So knowing that, we should take care of this lovely organ, since it has such a heavy weight on our health and well being, especially if you're faced with chronic disease.


The gallbladder is the liver's kid sister.  She's there to store bile that is secreted by the liver, and then when needed, is released into the intestines to rid the body of the toxins and chemicals the liver filtered out.


The small and large intestines are the next super important step in the process of eliminating toxins.  The bile created by the liver, stored in the gallbladder are then secreted into the small intestine to move the toxins on out the body.  In the small intestine and large intestine, as mentioned above, things can get stuck in the cracks and crevices, and don't fully make their way out of the body.  This can be a major problem if you think about toxins sitting in there for years, just chillin', and then we wonder why we feel sluggish, sickly, and have all sorts of other ailments appearing.  We're toxic!


It's been said that disease starts in the gut, and if you think about it, it really makes sense.  If you've ever seen a diagram of the human intestines, you'd see that it's all twisty and curvy.  If we're unable to completely expel the waste from our body, that yucky stuff just sits there in those curves and corners of the intestine and can start to make us ill.  Really ill.  Since the liver is doing a big job for us, if it's over worked or over loaded, those toxins may not always get filtered out, and then they're redistributed into our body, or just sit there stagnant in the liver without ever making it to the intestines.  The goal now is to cleanse the liver, gallbladder and intestines, to get those toxins OUT for good!

ENTER THE.... COFFEE ENEMA (literally, ha!)

Like I mentioned, after my MDS diagnosis, my full time job has become a mission to heal.  As in, the amount of hours I spend researching, reading, watching and learning about alternative healing methods, is equal to if not more than a full time job.  And while I don't get paid to research, my payment is life, which is quite an important part of living, duh!

Coffee enemas allow for detoxification of the tissues and blood, and for someone fighting disease like cancer, this is essential to healing!  They also stimulate the liver to produce Glutathione S-Transferase, which is a powerful detoxifier. Glutathione S-Transferase works like a magnet, binding with the toxins and chemicals in our bodies, and then releases them through the intestines to exit our body.

The benefits of coffee enema are enormous when you take in consideration your health and wellbeing.  Some of the benefits are:

  • detox the liver or assist in detoxing the liver
  • clean the intestines and improve peristalsis
  • increase energy and lift mood
  • overall healthy feeling
  • reduce toxicity in the liver by up to 600%, and up to 700% in the intestines (2)
  • eliminate parasites
  • repair liver
  • can help heal chronic disease, like cancer (used in Gerson Therapy)

When you choose to jump into this therapy, do make sure you only use 100% organic coffee.  No, this is not the same as the coffee you get from Starbucks, and no you can't just shoot that up your rear and call it a day!  The coffee that I use (and better yet, the whole kit) is the Cor-Vital Coffee Enema Kit

Daily enemas are excellent in assisting the body in detoxifying. Some people, particularly those following the Gerson Therapy, do coffee enemas several times a day, to rid the body of cancer, or cancer-causing toxins.   Whichever route you choose, I assure you the benefits will be felt, and you'll come back for more!

Have you tried coffee enemas or are you thinking about it? I'd love to hear your thoughts or experiences with it in the comments below!



Choose Positivity.png

We all are faced with tough situations one way or another.  Whether it's a break up, the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, or even a life changing health diagnosis.  It's HOW we deal with these situations that really sets the tone for what's next to come.  You may feel angry, sad, depressed, or worse. And sure, it's okay to feel down.  We should be able to feel, I mean really feel, without bottling up our feelings (because that's never a good idea).  But at some point, the only way to move forward, to really move on, you have to work on your mind.  Here are some tips when the going gets tough, and you need to keep on going.


You have to allow yourself to open your mind and body, and to take in what's happening.  So often, we want to put on a tough face, act as if it doesn't affect us, and move on with life.  When we do this, these negative thoughts just sit there inside us, like a parasite, just eating away at our being.  The negative thoughts and feelings will continue to affect our mood as well as our health, if we don't stop and allow ourselves to feel it.

I learned this when I was dealing with my anxiety disorder years ago.  I did everything I could to avoid situations that would cause me anxiety so as not to feel that horrible feeling of complete panic.  It wasn't until my therapist told me, the best way to move through the feelings, was to allow them to come, and acknowledge them.  Almost like a wave, you have to let the negative, hurt, sad, angry feelings come, and actually feel them.  It won't feel good, and it's not easy (trust me, I know!).  But the only true way to begin, is to feel.


You are not alone in this world, and you are not alone in whatever situation may be plaguing you right now.  Friends, family, co-workers, therapists, heck, even a pet can be there for you when you're down.  Sometimes when it's just me, myself, and I, my mind can really keep me in a dark place.  One thing that can change that is to spend some time with a friend.  Talk it out, get your mind off of it, or just really let it all out and tell them what you're feeling.  Having that other person (or animal) there to listen can really help the continuation of the feel, and moving through the feel.  I find that when I talk it out, or confide in someone else, I don't feel as alone in the situation, which in turn makes me feel a bit more positive.


So after you've felt the feels, and talked it through this next step is critical.  You must choose to change your mindset.  It's not healthy to be in a negative mindset, nor does it feel good if you're thinking or talking negative all the time.  The best thing you can do for your mind, body and health is to start living with a positive mindset.  Just as a cynical mindset can hurt our actual health, a positive outlook can heal our health.  You have 2 choices when presented a situation. You can be the Debbie Downer, and be all "woe is me" which will just continue to perpetuate negativity around you.  Or you can choose to move forward with a positive mind, which will in turn create more positivity around you.

You may be thinking, "this chick is crazy." But hear me out.

When I was diagnosed with MDS, I chose positivity. Since the doctor had mentioned it in a previous visit, I had some time to google since I had never heard of MDS before.  The websites I came across were scary. The prognosis of typical MDS patients was scary.  I had to sit back and have a little heart to heart with myself because I was no where near ready to read what *could* be my diagnosis.  Now, sure, that night and the next few nights after that, I cried.  "Why me?" I thought. "But I'm so young!" "What do I do now?" "What if he says I do indeed have MDS?" All these thoughts and more went through my mind. "I have a 5 year old daughter. She will not lose her mama!"  That last thought was extremely eye opening, and really a game changer in my mind.  I started researching and taking in any and all information I could about traditional treatments for MDS, alternative treatments, and everything in between.  Armed with the knowledge I gained, and the mindset I *choose*, I went to my follow up appointment, where I found out that indeed, I do have MDS.

I actually left that appointment, empowered and smiling. I'm not sure how many other people leave the doctor's office with a smile after they've been diagnosed with a life changing diagnosis.  You see, I was empowered because I already chose to heal and overcome this.  I know in every inch of my being, that I will overcome this.  I was smiling because through all my research, I found so much hope, that this is merely a starting point in this new chapter of my life.

Find your why.

Yes, that's supposed to say why, not way.  Finding your why is so important.  Once you choose your positive mindset, you must find that thing that pulls you through no matter what.  For me, my why is to be there for my daughter, at every one of her milestones in life.  That "why" is so powerful that every second I start to drift back into a darker thought, it can pull me right out of there and put me back on the right path.  It may take time to find your why, but once you do, it is such a powerful thing and will keep you moving forward, not back.

Your mind is incredibly powerful, and you get to choose what it can do for you! The most powerful tool we have is our mind, so don't use it to saboteur yourself. Use it to your advantage. That's why it's there.