Life can be freakin’ stressful. But only if you choose to make it that way.


Have you ever sat and watched a 5 year old play?  I often feel we can learn a lot from watching kids and how they deal with life on a day to day basis.  She tip toes around the yard, giggling at the cool wind in her hair.  She hops on the swing, only she doesn’t sit on it. She lays across the seat, her stomach supported as she swings back and forth, arms stretched ahead like a super hero, laughing at how silly it is and how she’s flying through the world without a care in her mind.


She digs in the dirt, not caring that her leggings are getting filthy.  All the while having a conversation as though the seeds she’s planting have thoughts and voices. When she loses interest there, she climbs up the playset ladder and repeatedly slides down the slide, squealing with excitement as though each time was the first.


Can you imagine for a moment, what your life could be like right now, if everything you approached had that amazing, excited, new feeling each time?


Pretty freakin’ awesome, am I right?


If skipping down the grocery aisles, made you giggle with glee.  Paying your electric bill was filled with squeals of joy and excitement (not loud sighs and curse words).  Hell, even if waking up and getting ready for work (I’m looking at you too, stay-at-home mama —- because, let’s face it, your work is incredibly important and increasingly more valuable each day, and often times showering is a luxury), was filled with glitter, sunshine, and rainbows with butterflies flitting in your belly and happiness abounds.


But then you sabotage your own world.  You start to go through that long ass to do list and get depressed.  You peek at your bank account balance and wonder “how in the hell am I going to pay rent next month (pay medical bills, gas, electric, phone,….. blah blah blah, you know the shitty bills that come in)?”  You reach in to turn on the shower (actually, you get a reward for making time in the day to GET a shower, you bad ass!), and instead of enjoying the relaxing warm water on your skin, you have ten billion thoughts going through that pretty little mind of yours about “how am I going to do this? How can I get through each day; life in general?!”


Well let me drop a little truth bomb (no bath bomb needed) in your relaxing shower for a moment.


All of those little thoughts and how you react to situations, have an impact on how you feel each day.


Flashback to the 5 year old playing in the yard.  Do you think she’s worried about paying bills? (hell no! I sure didn’t worry about that as a child)  And do you think she looks at that swing, thinking to herself, “Man, if only I had a diamond encrusted swing.”?  Actually, that would be pretty sweet.  


But in reality, she lives her life, moment by moment, not exactly worried about what she’s doing, how the future will be, or even bad talking her own decisions or thoughts.  The NOW is what matters. Not what could happen, or what may happen in a week.   This very precious moment is what matters.  And with that thought process of living in the now, brings a peace that can be seen on her giddy, smiling face.


The stress we put on ourselves every single day, brings so much bad-ness into our lives that it very well could be making us sick.  


I’m not saying to disregard those responsibilities we all have as adults (btw, adulting is sooooooo not what I imagined it to be when I was 5 years old).  You still have to pay those monthly bills (damn it!), and you still need to shop for food (we still aren’t at the point in our lives where we no longer need food to survive).  What I’m saying is, approach each responsibility, activity, or thought with a positive mindset, and don’t focus on the what ifs, could be’s, or should’s. 


When you live your life like a 5 year old, you open up your mind and your health to a whole happier state of being.  Living in the moment can bring a sense of wellbeing you may have been missing since your childhood.


When it comes to healing, especially from something like cancer, your happiness and positive mindset has a HUGE part in whether you’ll overcome or succumb to sickness.  Your immune system, and every cell in your body listens to your thoughts, so if you’re mother-fing yourself every moment of the day, those cells are going to be the ones tossing their hands in the air saying “screw this, I’m out.”


That’s one thing we do NOT want to happen, because those very cells are the ones that will heal us from the inside out.  So instead of bad talking (thinking), woe is me thoughts, how about tossing your hair back, jumping on the swing and flying?


Because flying is pretty bad ass, and you my friend, are a super hero. Just ask those cells of yours.