I'm in California dreaming about aloe inside me ...

Ha! Adele anyone? Cheesy, I know, but on a serious note, do you even know how beneficial aloe is when taken internally and not just using externally?

Extremely beneficial!

I first set out on my research journey to find foods and supplements that will help my blood counts, and some of the top things I kept coming across were chlorophyll, chlorella, and aloe vera juice.

Being the german/irish girl I am, I'm no stranger to aloe vera gel (thanks to sunburns as a child), but I didn't know much about drinking aloe vera juice.  Since it was brought up on many natural healing sites, I thought "what the hell, let's try it!"

So off to Whole Foods I went in search of some organic aloe vera juice.  Now, I'll admit, when I first tried it, it's got a different/strange taste, that isn't entirely appealing (but that doesn't stop me when it comes to healing), so I do mix it with some organic orange juice or pomegranate juice.  Actually, my whole concoction for healing with this juice is typically 6-8 oz of aloe vera juice, some OJ, chlorophyll, liposomal vitamin c, liposomal glutathione and some pomegranate juice, all mixed together. (I'll share more on the liposomal vitamin c and glutathione in another blog post)

If you're unfamiliar (as I was originally) to the benefits of aloe vera juice, some of the top awesome healing properties it offers are:

  • immune system boost

  • reduce inflammation

  • cleanse the blood

  • packed with vitamins (C, E, B)

  • clears the skin

  • assists digestion

  • alkalizes your body

  • helps remove toxins

  • makes your intestines more "regular"

  • and more!

Overall, aloe vera juice is just another excellent addition to your healing arsenal.  I've gotten to where I enjoy my glass each day and it's part of my ritual.  

Just another one of our planet's natural healing plants.  Time to go plant some aloe so I can grow it myself!

Let me know if you've tried aloe vera juice and what you take it for.  What are your results?  Leave your answers in the comments below :)