I had set up a consultation with a plastic surgeon nearby that is highly recommended  for his precision in explants. Explanting is the removal of implants (in case you weren't up on the lingo).  I felt like this was my life line. This will be the beginning of my healing journey. Once these toxic bags are out, my body can begin to truly heal and fight for itself!

We met with him and discussed my health as it stood currently.  The only blood tests I had to go by were the ones taken last week at the cancer hospital, and while my white blood count and red counts were good, my platelets and dropped dramatically. They were at 55 last week, which is low, and cause for concern, but not low enough for transfusions.

I assured the doctor that they would be higher this Friday when I go in for another bone marrow biopsy, and they will continue to raise so I'll be ok for surgery.  He let us know his concerns, but did want to see what is found on the new biopsy and go from there.  My husband and I felt good with this doctor, as he addressed all our concerns, and he himself was very professional and cautious (rightly so) due to my current condition.

Fast forward to a few days later, I had another bone marrow biopsy done and now my blood counts were even better! My platelets were raised up to 86 this time (see I told you doc!).  We had to wait another week for the follow up to hear the results of this biopsy, but lucky for you, I have the results right now!

The newest biopsy showed that there was no progression (what they were worried about with my platelets being so low at 55- I'll expand on this in a bit), and actually there were a few less blasts in my bone marrow (that's a great thing).  So while it still confirmed MDS, it wasn't getting worse, in fact was looking better.

High five to myself for believing and working HARD on my nutrition, supplements, stress management and more to heal myself.  Now, about the platelets being low.  It seems as though conventional doctors often don't take into account situations that may cause medical readings to be off.  Sometimes they do, like with blood pressure, but in the case of my platelets, they saw they were lowered and immediately went to a negative place.  I, on the other hand, did a little research after the fact as to what could lower platelets.  Stress was a big one, and that day we went to the cancer hospital was one of the highest stressed days I've ever felt.

Not only that, there were some food choices I was making, while they are extremely good for your body, also act slightly as blood thinners which can lower platelets. Garlic, Echinacea, Ginger, and grapes were some of the things that I was taking to help my immune system, that could have reflected as a lowered platelet count.

Either way, things were looking a bit better, and I was proud of myself.