I've had days to think about my decision to move forward with the Vidaza, and let me tell you, every time it even crosses my mind, I get instant anxiety.  I called the oncologist office and cancelled my appointment with the Dr, as well as all my appointments for next week for the Vidaza treatment.  That one phone call felt like I lifted an elephant off my back and tossed it off a cliff.  I feel lighter!

My Sweet's Syndrome sores are back with a vengeance, and this time I have them on the palms of my hands and soles of my feet.  Needless to say it's incredibly uncomfortable.  Not only that, I know that if it is this active, no surgeon will operate on me, as the incision site will just become one huge sore.  Knowing this, a few days ago I started taking steroids again.  It's honestly the only thing found to suppress the sores, and as much as I hate pharmaceuticals, at this point, for me to have surgery its really my only option.

The other hurdle I figure, is before this consultation, I need to somehow make it look my skin isn't as bad as it is, so the doctor isn't as concerned either with it.  Sometimes, you just gotta do what you gotta do!  

Ok, so off to the consultation I went.  A quick drive over the hill to Beverly Hills, to meet with my new surgeon.  First things, first.  His office, staff, and everything about this visit was perfect.  I felt welcome, acknowledged, and important.  One thing is for sure, he knows how to run his business right!  I first met with Shanna, the lovely lady I had spoke with over the phone initially. She was a doll!  Then I was sent back to the exam room to meet with Laurie, his assistant and then Dr. Chiu himself.  We went over my medical history, he did his exam, and we discussed my request to have a full capsulectomy (which isn't always common with saline implants.)  He was on board!  Though he did not admit that the implants could really cause illness, he was kind and compassionate, and agreed that if there was a chance that removing them could improve my health, then it was the best option.

So we went back into his office so he could show me some before and after photos of clients of his who also had explants.  They all looked great, and I knew this was my surgeon.  I then met with Christine to discuss a surgery date, time, fees, and all that fun mumbo jumbo.  My date was set, December 18, 2015.  ONE WEEK AWAY!  They set me up for my pre-op visit for Saturday Dec. 12 and I needed to get blood work done (the standard pre-op blood work) as well as a confirmation from my primary doctor that I'm healthy enough for surgery.

I left his office feeling like I was floating on air.  THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN!

I set up an appointment with my primary physician for next Wednesday, and I'll be doing my blood work on Monday.


Now, some of you may think I'm crazy, but I've always been a math/science nerd at heart.  I learned based on my last blood test at the oncologist, that the menstrual cycle can affect blood levels and blood tests, which could explain my low platelets.  So I pulled all my previous blood work, as well as my cycle, and mapped out in a graph to see if there was a trend in the numbers based on what day it was in my cycle.  According to my graph, the closer to ovulation, the better my blood levels were.  So, lucky me, Monday happened to be a great day to get my blood work done as it fell on day 10 or so of my cycle. So this combined with tons of prayer, I headed into the lab to get blood drawn.

The wait for these results as well as the sign off from my primary doctor felt like an eternity.  Blood results came back the next day.  White cells were within the NORMAL RANGE!!! Red cells were just slightly lowered. Platelets were over 100 again!! OMG.  Thank you God!

By Wednesday, I met with my primary physician, who reviewed my labs, past labs, and everything leading up to this.  She's always been on board with me having my implants removed, and she was so happy to hear that I was going to be able to have this surgery.  She signed me off as cleared for surgery.

I could not be more excited for surgery! I'm happier to get these toxic bags out than I was to get them put in the first place!

Freedom is coming fast!