So now I've had some time to do more research on MDS, and I've also armed myself with a lot of information about treating cancer naturally, so I'm prepared mentally for what the doctor has to say.  I know in my heart, that if this is the case, I will heal myself and will continue living my life with a new found respect for what we can overcome if we stay positive.

The day before this follow up, I spoke with the dermatologist regarding my skin biopsy results.  He told me that I had something called Sweet's Syndrome, and though rare, it made sense with what was going on with my blood levels.  He had spoke to my hematologist/oncologist and they've come to this conclusion. He prescribed some corticosteroid, and said it should start clearing up the rash within days.  So back to google I went, to find out more about this skin syndrome.

Sweet's Syndrome is incredibly rare as well (yay, lucky me!.... *said in a very sarcastic tone*), so there is not much known about causes other than medicine or malignancy.  It's seen more commonly in cases of leukemia.

Also in my week of research (seriously, I spent so much time on the computer it was ridiculous), I kept coming back to information leading to illnesses brought on by breast implants.  In 2006, I underwent breast augmentation with saline implants.  This makes them 9 years old, and the expiration date was come up soon at 10 years. (Plastic surgeons recommend swapping out or removing implants around the 10 year mark, as they're not lifetime devices).  I found medical articles, books, and all sorts of information showing the toxicity of the silicone shell (multiple carcinogens), mold and fungus growth inside the implants, and just a general autoimmune response to the foreign object in the chest wall.

How could I be so blind not to realize the seriousness of implanting something in my body, and not expect there to be consequences?  I was informed (so I thought) of all the possible contraindications of implanting, and I was willing to risk those at the time of surgery. Now on the other end of things, my body is freaking out inside and I need these things out of me! At the very least, they're suppressing my immune system and not allowing it to function as it should.  Even on the FDA website, they show that implants can cause lymphoma, which is cancer of the lymphatic system, which is a big part of your immune system.  You know what else is a big part of your immune system? Your blood! (Specifically white blood cells)

Back at the hematologist/oncologist office, he comes in to tell me that indeed, the findings were correct and that I do have MDS.  Everything he said was so matter of fact, and the seriousness wasn't really felt, other than the treatment he wanted to start me on was chemotherapy. I brought up my concern about my implants and pointed out some facts I had learned through my research.  He was not convinced, nor could anything I had to say make him think otherwise or even the slight bit compassionately towards what I was now facing in my life going forward.

He wanted me to head out to the City of Hope in Duarte to meet with one of the top doctors who has done the most bone marrow transplants and dealt with MDS directly.  I felt like this was probably a good idea, since it is so rare, that seeing an expert may ease my mind some and give me hope.

This was far from the truth.