I have been feeling so great lately. Better than I have in months! I haven't been dizzy or light headed. I've had energy, and feel normal.  I don't look normal currently as my Sweet's lesions came back with a vengeance on my chest, face, arms and neck.  I finally got in to see my regular doctor to start my Vitamin C IV infusions, and the first one went fantastic! I felt great, and the added bonus was after about 2 days, the lesions on my chest are starting to heal. Slowly, but anything is progress! Also, we're testing my methylation to see if my body can detox properly, and I will be doing a blood test to check for all sorts of things like plastics, benzene, heavy metals, etc.  These 2 tests SHOULD offer a better picture of what's going on.

So since I've been feeling well, I called my oncologist to see if I could get in for a blood check to see where my levels were at.  Now, I don't know if deep down I was nervous or had anxiety, but I psyched myself out and keep the positive thoughts going on the way to this visit.  Once I was there though, my heart was pounding, I was short of breath, and dizzy.  It almost felt like a panic attack coming on, but it shouldn't have been! I was feeling great prior to this!

They drew my blood, and I laid on the table in the room waiting my blood test results.  I felt like I was kicked in the stomach when he told me my white cells were basically the same, red the same, and platelets were lowered.  What?!

I have been working so hard on my treatment.  I'm eating only alkaline foods, taking immune boosting supplements, drinking chlorophyll, taking papaya leaf extract, yoga, rebounding, and more all to help myself naturally.  Now, the only thing that he mentioned could affect this result today was that I'm about to start my period (TMI, sorry) which could affect my platelet count.

I'm going to go with that thought, but at this point, I need to re-evaluate my treatment plan and come up with something more aggressive.

The huge problem I have with all this is, the main suspect that I believe is causing all of this are my implants.  My surgeon is concerned with my platelet count, and wants the approval of my hematologist before surgery.  My hematologist is concerned about my wound healing time and the time it may push me back before starting chemotherapy.  Here's the thing... I don't want to do chemotherapy.  So I feel stuck.  It's basically like having a huge thorn sticking out of your side, and the doctors will only treat your symptoms (pain, infection) without removing the cause (the thorn).

I have such a strong gut feeling that if we remove the implants, my immune system can then bounce back and start to work properly to detox from these horrible chemical filled toxic bags.  I MUST keep the positive thoughts and move forward.  On to find a surgeon who will take these things out for me!