Things have been going great since my surgery.  I'm healing great, my energy levels are great, and I feel "normal" (whatever that really means).  I've continued my high dose Vitamin C IV therapy, twice a week, and just visited with my primary doctor today.  If you remember in a post a few weeks back, I mentioned we were testing me for methylation.  For those who don't know (and don't worry, I didn't know either!), methylation is basically your body's way of controlling everything from stress responses, making energy, all the way to detoxification.   It's kinda a big deal, actually.

So knowing one's status on their methylation genes is actually a HUGE source of information in how our body functions.  Another reason I love my doctor, is she wanted to test me for this after hearing of my MDS diagnosis, my age, the fact that I had saline implants, and knowing that I lead a very chemical free, organic lifestyle.  All of these things just don't add up to make much sense, so our first stop is finding out my methylation status.

To break it down a bit more clearly on why methylation is so important, it controls:

  • gene expression and DNA repair
  • the "fight or flight" response (stress responses)
  • production and use of glutathione (your body makes this to prevent damage to important cellular components)
  • inflammatory responses
  • immune response
  • balancing of the brain chemistry (serotonin, dopamine, melatonin, etc.)
  • energy production
  • detoxification of heavy metals, chemicals, and hormones

So as you can see, methylation is pretty serious, and something our body needs to be working properly on a daily basis.  After my results came back, we found out that I do in fact have heterozygous (from only one parent) gene mutations for the MTHFR A1298C gene, as well as the COMT (catechol-O-methyltransferase) gene.

( I really have to restrain every time I type MTHFR from adding a few more letters and symbols - - M*TH#R F*CK#R  ha ha ha!)

Ok, anyways, so what in the hell does this even really mean?  Well lucky for me (*do you sense the sarcasm yet?) my body has some issues with breaking down estrogens, processing/breaking down serotonin, dopamine, etc, and detoxing too.  Yay!

As my doctor explained more about both of these, things started making so much more sense!!  For one, with the MTHFR, my body has a hard time breaking down B vitamins, and converting them into energy.  When I was in the hospital back in September and they ran every blood test under the sky, my B12 levels were pretty elevated.  They weren't sure why - - but now it makes sense.  My body can't break it down properly, so it just builds up in my system.  Not only B12 though.  I've yet to test, but will be testing for heavy metals in my system.  I know many women with implants who have tested extremely high for platinum in their system.  That is NOT a metal that should be in our body, but thanks to the wool thrown over our eyes, it's a lovely ingredient in the shell of all breast implants.  This then leaks into our body, 24/7, poisoning us every day.

Enough on that for a second though.

The COMT mutation controls the level of certain hormones. COMT helps breakdown dopamine, epinephrine, norepinephrine, and estrogen. Mutations can either speed-up or slow-down this process.  What does this mean? Basically, people with the mutation have a much higher incidence of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and others.

I've battled with anxiety for a lot of my adult life!

These genes are like light switches though, and can be turned on and off with different triggers.  The key, now, is to figure out how to turn these off so my body can work a bit better!  For now, my doctor has me on 2 different supplements - Methyl Folate and SAMe

I'm writing a whole other blog post about methylation and these mutations, so keep an eye out for that too!