Now that I have a better grasp on my detoxification pathways, knowing about my MTHFR and COMT gene mutations, I feel like I finally am seeing results in my healing!  I've added several more supplements to my regimen, and on top of that, I'm on the second phase of my detox plan.  Detox from parasites!

I realize that we may not all have parasites, and so far, I haven't seen anything that resembles anything alarming during my cleanse, but I figure it's better to be safe and clear out any unwanted invaders that may be lingering.  The first part of my detox plan was colon cleansing.  That's helped out with eating cruciferous veggies and the coffee enemas. (This is also a great liver cleanse, so it's a two-for-one deal!)  So now that the pathways are clear, the next step was to get rid of any parasites that may be feeding on my body.

Like I said, I haven't seen anything (like some people do... thank GOD!), but I have been feeling much more energy and just overall, CLEAN!  It's kinda amazing how weightless you feel after cleansing the body and giving it the nutrients it truly needs, and can process correctly.  

For those wondering, I'm using ParaGone by Renew Life for my cleanse.  Once this round is done, I'll take a 5 day break, then do one more round per the instructions on the box.  I haven't noticed any ill effects, other than the die off/detox crappy feeling a few days in, but nothing I can't handle!

ALSO! I'm super excited to get my website design almost completed.  I've been working so hard on getting this thing put together and not only keeping up with blogging, but adding vlogs, products, and more info to help anyone looking to take on this healing journey themselves, and I can not be more excited!