Today has been, what feels like, a huge leap into a positive place!  A few weeks ago, I joined several different groups on Facebook relating to MDS.  One was a group focused on healing MDS and the people in it are either diagnosed with MDS or family/friends of someone with MDS.  Without going into too much detail, it's a very depressing page, that I had to hide from my newsfeed, because everyone there is going the conventional route, and the amount of times I read that this disease took another life, was really pulling on my heart strings.

So I searched again for a natural healing group, which for MDS there are none, but there was a natural healing group for cancer in general.  I posted in there asking if anyone had healed themselves from MDS or AML, and I got a few responses from people saying to try different avenues, but no one directly dealing with either disease.

Until today!  A kind lady from Illinois commented that she too was diagnosed with MDS,  and was exploring alternative treatments.  Not but a few minutes later, a wonderful man from Louisiana commented that he healed his AML using alternative treatments!

Hallelujah! I wanted to cry tears of joy for finding someone, anyone, on a similar journey as I am.  I messaged back and forth with both of them for hours today, passing off what treatments we're trying, or what has had an impact on our health.  It is the most amazing feeling to not feel so alone anymore in this, and to "meet" at least 2 people willing to brave this uncharted road with me.

I don't know if you're spiritual or not, but what I do know is that when we ask for signs or send up prayers, it just takes patience and an open mind to see what we need to see, or hear what we need to hear.  After my last post when I was feeling pretty down, I really looked inside myself as well as prayed for strength.  I'm growing my meditation practice, and to see that only 2 days later, I receive a blessing like this.... well, that's proof right there that I'm not alone in this.

We are here for a purpose.  All of us are.  My journey is here to make an impact, and I will do just that!