I've become a pro at skin biopsies lately, and even my skin is on board with healing incredibly well. (My skin pushed out my stitches from my last biopsy! ha ha)

I had visited the dermatologist about 3 weeks ago, as a check in for the Sweet's Syndrome, but I mentioned to him that the lesions I had now looked different and felt different than before.  He agreed and decided to take 2 more biopsies as well as order some blood tests to rule out other rare skin issues.  So off to the lab I went for yet another blood draw.

* Side note* for a girl who was NOT a good blood giver (i.e. I would almost always get faint any time I had to have blood taken), I have become a super star patient with all my Vitamin IVs I get and blood tests I have done.  I guess that's the way to cure the fear!

Anyways, I just went back for my follow up on the biopsy and blood results.  Once again, I've stumped my doctor BUT the news is GREAT!  The biopsy results came back with "no features of Sweet's Syndrome noted."  Let me refresh your memory, or fill you in real quick if you don't know about Sweet's Syndrome.  It's a very rare skin disorder, that 30% of the time is linked to MDS or Acute Myeloid Leukemia.  Basically, it has a prominent link to malignancy.  Sooooooo, the tests are currently showing NO MORE SWEET'S....... which I can say with strong conviction that this is due to my diligence in focusing on healing the MDS naturally.  If the Sweet's isn't around any longer, this has a high probability that the MDS is disappearing too (since the Sweet's was linked to the malignancy of MDS).

Ok, so also with these biopsy results, it came back that the lesions I have are a typical presentation of Erythema Multiforme.  Sounds odd, but it's basically a hypersensitive reaction usually triggered by an infection.  Thanks to doctor Google, I found that it can appear if there is a mycoplasma infection, and what's crazy about that, is many women who have their saline breast implants removed that discovered there was fungus inside them, suffer from mycoplasma infections.  See the correlation now?! I had my saline implants removed in December 2015 (still waiting for the lab tests on those to see what sort of microorganisms were lurking in them for 9 years.)  

That's just the biopsy results. Pretty simple, and according to research, should resolve on it's own in about 6 weeks as long as the underlying infection is addressed.  Now, the blood tests revealed something different (but still not as daunting as a malignancy related skin issue).  The blood showed a possible link to something called Porphyria, which is a UV sensitive blistering skin affliction.  The only thing backing this up, is that when I'm in the sun for a bit, my hands start to itch and I notice some skin issues popping up.  This also used to happen years and years ago when I would go tanning in tanning beds (I know, I know - but at the time, the tanning beds healed the psoriasis I had back then!).

So, I'm faced with 2 different possible diagnoses currently. My doctor took another skin biopsy as well as ordered more blood tests to verify either or both diagnoses. 

At this point, I've been feeling better overall, my skin is looking so much better/healthier, and even if I do have these 2 skin diagnoses currently, I'm positive that my natural healing regimen will support healing these as well.

I am living proof that natural remedies DO WORK.  I could not be more excited right now to know that I've overcome Sweet's Syndrome.  Believe in the power of your own immune system.  If you support it, it will support you.  Healthy eating, healthy thoughts, meditation, and a slew of other things are all contributing to my healing, and I can't wait to help you all do the same!

Until next time... treat your body well!